Who Are KOcycle?

At KOcycle we pride ourselves on our ability to recycle, refurbish and remarket assets seamlessly as part of the IT Life Cycle.
Throughout every stage of the journey, our team understands the importance of ensuring that return value is maximised and that the complexities of compliance and regulation are made simple.
We'll never send an asset to landfill and are committed to giving back to the environment and to local communities ⁠— that's why we've partnered with the UK's leading charities.
KOcycle are here to put you, the customer, first and will deliver every project with honesty and integrity, whilst also helping you to make money and save the planet.
This is our promise to you.

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Our Services 

Decommission & Logistics
Our engineers are fully trained to retire your equipment and securely transport it to our fully insured facility for processing, or any other location you desire.
Data Erasure & Certification
We provide a whole range of data sanitisation options ⁠— both digital and physical ⁠— and deliver full regulatory certification within 28 days.
Recycling & Refurbishment
KOcycle repair faulty or broken equipment and break down low-value equipment so that it can be converted into reusable materials and prevented from going to landfill.
Our purchasers have been fully trained to assess the market value of your redundant equipment and will offer you a financial rebate should it hold any residual value.
Purchase and Rental
We offer market-leading rates on all refurbished technology. Whether it's needed for a day, a month, or a year, our leasing programmes are designed to offer financial flexibilty. 
Sustainability Reporting
Following the completion of any recycling or buyback project, we provide a statistical break down of the materials prevented from going to landfill and the number of trees planted as part of our Giving Back Scheme.

Our Offices 

Email. services@kocycle.com

Company Number;



+44 (0) 333 987 4664

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