KOcycle Governance

Our mission is to ensure everyone is treated equally at KOcycle. Governance is a driving factor behind our ESG strategy allowing KOcycle to build a working environment where everyone is treated as equals and empowered to reach their full potential.

We want our KOcyclers to be proud of the business they represent and the positive impact they help to create. We continually review our business practises to ensure the promotion of ethical standards, board diversity, stakeholder engagement and shareholder rights. We couldn’t do the great work we do without our team so its only right they are to be recognised for their contribution to KOcycle. We are currently being audited against the B-Corp criteria following the completion of our B-Lab assessment.

So How Do We Do IT?
Investing in employees and their training so they can maximise their potential. KOcycle are an accredited Living Wage Employer and we hold regular annual pay reviews, with a focus on ensuring all members of the team benefit from a performance based bonus scheme, whatever the role you play at KOcycle.
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Targeted Initiatives

Technology has historically been a male dominated industry, KOcycle are working towards equal representation at the management and board level. Our management team is currently comprised of 50% women.

Supply chain

KOcycle regularly review our supply chain to ensure they mirror our commitments. In 2022 we started our ‘Sustainability Awards’, awarding our strategic partners for their commitment to promoting solutions that promote the circular economy, environmental sustainability and digital inclusion.
KOcycle are working towards B-Corp status and are currently undergoing assessment to further evidence our commitment to leading a people centric, sustainable business.