Decommission / Recommission


Decommissioning IT assets accurately is an important step to be completed as hardware is replaced, systems are archived or data is migrated to new environments. Following a comprehensive process ensures security of your data and financial closure.

KOcycle aligns with your teams on the IT decommissioning approach and ensures all data and systems complete the decommissioning life cycle including data destruction and asset disposal. Our professional technical services engineers understand the tolerances and sensitivity of the assets we handle, having gained vast experience in technical support and data centre environments.

Our team have helped our clients from a de-rack, transport and re-rack, to complete data centre relocation projects. We invest in purpose-built safety equipment, GPS-tracked vehicles and vetted engineers to ensure a successful outcome every time.

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KOcycle's Proven Project Methodology

Strategy Alignment

All documents and contact update requirements are identified and system inventory management is agreed and aligned


Change controls are created and approved, followed by verification of system mapping. The applications are shut down and final backups are performed


Physical hardware is turned off and disposal readiness verified. Hardware is then removed from the rack and data destruction procedures begin, either on or off site

Secure Transportation

If moving to another location, assets are tagged and securely packed and transported via GPS tracked vehicles


Our security cleared engineers begin the recommission process once assets have arrived at the new location

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