Circular Economy Tech

What if one man’s trash becomes the treasure?
The Impact
Savings of up to 70%
Environmental Impact
Less than buying new 95%
The problem

Technology That Puts
The Environment First

The Circular Economy questions how we view End of Life products and aims to reuse components as much as possible; this is especially true when it comes to electronic waste and IT Asset Disposition strategies.

KOcycle provides a range of solutions that harness the power of the circular economy.

Technology significantly impacts the environment, not only from the CO2 created, but also from the water and minerals utilised. With technology consumption growing exponentially, the UN now report E-Waste as the worlds fastest growing waste stream.

Our solutions help you to save costs and come with the same high levels of warranty and support that tend to be associated with buying new.

The Solution

Giving Technology
A Second Life

By choosing to look at refurbished or remanufactured, there is no need to accept a lower quality product.

We use the latest and greatest tools to perform diagnostics and quality assurance on every piece of equipment we sell.

All products KOcycle sell are backed by our KOcycle warranty, this can even be extended for additional levels of support for up to 5 years, giving you complete peace of mind.

KoCycle iPhone products
6 Dell laptops showing checkmarks on their display

Client Devices

KOcycle are the safe choice for quality, professionally refurbished laptops, desktops, mobiles and accessories from brands such as Apple, Dell, HP & Lenovo


KoCycle products


KOcycle understand that connectivity is key to productivity, we provide professionally refurbished and tested networking equipment across a number of market leading vendors

KoCycle office, technology, monitoring process

Data Centre

Looking to maximise cutting edge technology in your DC? KOcycle provide a wide range of Server, Storage and Power Solutions.