Technology evolves rapidly. What was once a cutting edge device a year or two ago certainly isn’t quite as cutting edge today, and given the increasingly competitive nature of modern enterprise, this can create very short IT refresh cycles resulting in the redundancy of reasonably new and high spec technology.

KOcycle understand this, and through our global network of partners and clients, we can find a new home for all your redundant technology carrying residual value. This residual value is then returned to you in the form of a financial rebate, which can then be reinvested in buying – yes, you guessed it – even more cutting-edge technology.

The wider societal implications of our buyback services are profound. High spec technology is only dreamt of in some organisations which lack significant enough budgets (e.g. schools, charities and community centres, etc.) and therefore gives them the opportunity to reap the benefits of these devices at a fraction of the RRP.


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