Al Gore, former US Vice President, famously stated in 2018 that the world is in the early stages of a Sustainable Revolution. As a global society, what we’re becoming increasingly focused on is not just whether our economic activities are making (or saving) us money, but also to what extent they are impacting the environment.

KOcycle are big believers in the Sustainable Revolution and plant thousands of trees every year in association with our good friends at One Tree Planted as part of our own Giving Back Initiative. A donation is made on every project we do.

We also work with our clients’ Corporate Social Responsibility Departments to deliver Sustainability Reports detailing metrics such as the relative weights of materials prevented from going to landfill, trees planted, and carbon absorbed from the atmosphere.

These reports ensure that you have the material to demonstrate that you are an ethical, forward-thinking enterprise who’s ahead of the game in this changing commercial landscape.


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